Franz Johann

MH000, Franz Johann – Rythm Maker EP [MoHouse]


> Rythm Maker (Original BassVariation Mix)
Franz Johann
> Rythm Maker (Batusim TotalGroove Edit)
Franz Johann, Batusim
> Rythm Maker (Cohuna Beatz StrictlyRythm Remix)
Franz Johann, Cohuna Beatz
> Delicada (Batusim Remix)
Franz Johann, Batusim

Babamusic proudly announces the premiere worldwide release from the new digital label #MoHouse!

Franz Johann is strictly into hot Rythms and proves this fact with his long awaited Rythm Maker EP on MoHouse Music, a driving taster for his upcoming full length artistalbum “Funkiest One In Town”- to be released 06/10/2014 on TraxSource exclusive. release on Beatport 2014-11-03. The release includes three different versions of the original titletrack, plus the Batusim remake of Franz Johann´s original tune Delicada, all tracks are composed, produced, arranged, mastered by Batusim Studio Oberwart and previously unreleased.

The original Rythm Maker BassVariation Mix, like you might imagine, brings in a funkly bassline, groovy percussion ostinatis and melodic chords, Batusim reworked this sweet one into a massive groover for peaktime hours, whileCohuna Beatz edits the original rythm section into a wombing roller. Hot rythmic still melodic and harmonic stuff in high quality production mode.

Underground Dancemusic Tested, Floor Approved!