Franz Johann

BABAREC184, #LoopMonkeys – The Smell (Franz Johann & IMIX Remix)

BABAREC184, #LoopMonkeys – The Smell (Franz Johann & IMIX Remix)

Label: B.A.B.A. Records

Release date: 28/12/2016

Catalog number: BABAREC184

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> The Smell (Franz Johann remix)
#LoopMonkeys, Franz Johann
> The Smell (IMIX Remix)
#LoopMonkeys, IMIX

#LoopMonkeys are bringing their melodic trance anthem ‘The Smell’ on this brandnew installment by B.A.B.A. Records. The release includes the Original Mix, #LoopMonkeys’ kicking ‘Hands In Die Höh Mix’ plus the winners of the Remix Contest

Releasedate: 28/12/2016 Beatport & Psyshop exclusive, worldwide releasedate: 11/01/2017

featuring: Noise Tribe, the Portugues Groove master is delivering a driving tech version for Techno party peaktime, further delivering an out of the box Techno remix by our indian friend Manjit Makhni , a groovy Progressive Trance edit by Franz Johann plus a full-tilt attack IMIX Psytrance Remix and last but not least a chilling Trap Edit by F&XaR0 from USA.

Can You Smell The Monkey?