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Franz Johann

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Franz Johann


FRANZ JOHANN alias Dj ANZA is one of the premiere electronic dancemusic engineers hailing from the central European hotbed for underground dance – Austria, with his Progressive project for Tribal Techno and Deep House. FRANZ JOHANN also is known as IMIXCohuna Beatz and CEO of EDM labelgroup B.A.B.A. Records.

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FRANZ JOHANN is rocking clubs, parties and festivals since 1980s in and around Vienna. Known as one of the premiere electronic dancemusic engineers hailing from the central European hotbed for underground dance – Austria, with his Progressive project for Techno and House.

Beside music productions and deejaying, FRANZ JOHANN is founder/CEO of Batusim Studio Oberwart (former Club X-Chat) and managing B.A.B.A. Records labelgroup.

Franz starts to produce electronic dancemusic in 2002 under the alias IMIX, releasing plenty of fullon psychedelic trance on world´s leading recordlabels. In 2008 Franz Johann goes back to the roots, enriches his musical production vision and starts to create funky clubstyle music, like techno, Deep-, Progressive-, and Tech-House.  Since then Franz is releasing his club project Cohuna Beatz and Franz Johann music on his own label as well as on international recordlabels.

Performance Hotspots over the Planet: Sweden, Denmark, IMIX vs Cohuna Beatz “The Villadarco Release Tour India” (Delhi, Kolkata),  Sonnenklang Austria, Magnolia Arraial D´Ajuda Bahia Brazil, Spiritbase Austria, Microcosmos Austria, NYE Morocco, Earthdance Austria, Carneval – Itacaré Brasil, Kalki – Belo Horizionte Brasil, Carneval – Trancoso Brasil, Batusim Psy Camp – Austria, Buddha Bar Munich Germany, Psychofreak – Belo Horizonte Brasil, Ruin Landsee – Austria, Psychedelic Circus – Netherlands, Sundance – Austria, Aquarius Vienna, more appearances in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Brazil, Ibiza, Hungary, Germany, …

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Collaborations/Remixes: Noise Tribe, Gee Van D, Inner City, Todd Terry, Steve Lawler, Skrillex, UNISON, Wizack Twizack, Resonant Dawn, Hujaboy, Widescream, Natalino Nunes, Jalebee Cartel, MOJO, JohN AharoN, Jaia, Benny Dawson, Robert Nowicki, Invincible Quest, Nout Masalute, …

Releases with B.A.B.A. Records, BABA Music, BABA Club Music, GTA Records, Gee Spot Recordings Ibiza, Black Spot Recordings, Panmusic Club Records, Jays Records, Sex Panda Toys, PowerHouse, GeoMagnetic, Planet BEN Records, Criminal R3cords, Sonnenklang Records, Synergetic Records, Midijum Records, Mu.Too Records and many more.

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Agency: BABA - Batusim Artists Booking Agency

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Nationality: Austrian

Resident in: Oberwart, Austria