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FRANZ JOHANN alias Dj ANZA is one of the premiere electronic dancemusic engineers hailing from the central European hotbed for underground dance – Austria, with his Progressive project for Dub, Trance, Techno and House. FRANZ JOHANN also is known as BatusimIMIX, Cohuna Beatz and labelboss of EDM labelgroup B.A.B.A. Records.

Style:  Funky Tech-House, Deep Techno, Dub, Downtempo, Slow House, Tribal, Progressive House, Psychedelic & Progressive Trance

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FRANZ JOHANN is rocking clubs, parties and festivals since 1980s.

Started as resident DJ in and around Vienna´s Underground Clubs, Franz creates 1984 the recordstore “Project Records” in Wiener Neustadt, rocks as resident DJ at the regional major Clubs “Blow Up” , “P3”, “Top Dancing”, creates & promotes first Events and is working on various successful projects in the surrounding area.  His trip through Global Dancemusic continued on international stages in late 80´s begin of 90´s at leading Nightclubs and Events  in Recife, Gaibú, Calhetas and Maceió (Northeast of Brazil)

Back to Austria, FRANZ JOHANN moves 1995/96 to the southeast of Austria. At the sunny side of Burgenland he developes 1997 the musical and cultural concept for the legendary Bar  “NOMAD” (aka  “ZUG”), plans, creates and manages from 1998 – 2004 the first austrian EDM & Trance Club “X-CHAT”,  located in the center of South-Burgenland – Oberwart City, and is deejaying as resident beside international guest artists like: Saafi Brother´s  Gabriel Le Mar, Trancelegend RA, 40%, Silicon Sound, Viennas Mastermind Makossa, Marcello, Luv Light Massive, Megablast, Vienna Scientists Crew & Boss Jürgen Drimal, Logic Bomb and much more great artists,  focused on Urban Sounds of Dancemusic.

Beside music productions & deejaying, FRANZ JOHANN also is owner and engineer BATUSIM STUDIO OBERWART

FRANZ JOHANN starts to produce electronic dancemusic in 2002 under the alias IMIX, releases plenty of fullon psychedelic trance on world´s leading recordlabels, plays his music out to small venues as well as to massive audiences on Festivals like NYE Trancoso, Arraial D´Ajuda, Carneval Itacaré (Bahia/Brazil), Festivals in Belo Horizonte (Minas Geráis/Brazil), touring India (New Delhi / Colcatta), played alongside major names of Psytrance, i.e.: Star Sounds Orchestra, Dino Psaras, Electric Universe, Psycraft, Sub6, Talamasca, Space Tribe, GMS, Raja Ram, Chicago, Psysex, Alpha, Eyal, Djane Gaby, Mat Mushroom, Acan, RastaAliens at Sonnenklang Festivals (Austria),  Spiritbase (Austria),  MicroCosmos (Austria), NYE Morocco, various Earthdance Events and much more.

In 2008 Franz goes back to his musical roots, enriches production vision and starts to create funky clubstyle music. Since then Dj ANZA is deejaying/releasing music by his club projects COHUNA BEATZ and FRANZ JOHANN on his own label BABARECORDS as well as on international established recordlabels like: Gee Spot Recordings (Ibiza), IDM (Ibiza), Panmusic (Barcelona), Jays Records (Fra/Paris), PowerHouse (USA/Cal), to name just a few.

Performance Hotspots over the Planet: Sweden, Denmark, IMIX vs Cohuna Beatz “The Villadarco Release Tour India” (Delhi, Kolkata),  Sonnenklang Austria, F.L.O.W. Festival Austria, Magnolia Arraial D´Ajuda Bahia Brazil, Spiritbase Austria, Microcosmos Austria, NYE Morocco, Earthdance Austria, Carneval – Itacaré Brasil, Kalki – Belo Horizionte Brasil, Carneval – Trancoso Brasil, Batusim Psy Camp – Austria, Buddha Bar Munich Germany, Psychofreak – Belo Horizonte Brasil, Ruin Landsee – Austria, Psychedelic Circus – Netherlands, Liquid Hungary, Sundance – Austria, Aquarius Vienna, more appearances in Austria, Croatia, Greece, Brazil, Ibiza, Hungary, Germany, …

Legal Releases are available from: B.A.B.A. Records, MoHouse, GTA Records, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Forest Industry, Gee Spot Recordings Ibiza, Panmusic Club Records, Ibiza Dance Music, Jays Records, Sex Panda Toys, PowerHouse, Planet BEN Records, Criminal R3cords, Sonnenklang Records, Synergetic Records, Midijum Records, Mu.Too Records and many more.

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