[OUT NOW] BAB1DW199 : Jirah – Space Radio EP [B.A.B.A. Records]

[OUT NOW] BAB1DW199 : Jirah – Space Radio EP [B.A.B.A. Records]

B.A.B.A. Records serves classic Jirah Psytrance productions on this two tracker EP.
Jirah is Tim McCall, a music producer based in Seattle, known under the names Jirah, Resonant Dawn and Psymmetry (with Shawn Sullins / Atum).  Jirah also is producer of many of the Zenhiser Psytrance libraries.

Worldwide Releasedate 07/01/2017 on Beatport, Psyshop


Jirah´s love for music was instilled in him at a very early age. Tim grew up surrounded with Classical and Choral music and was educated on many different instruments. Around age 11 Tim began to experiment with digital processing while listening to music such as The Cure, Metallica, Depeche Mode, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, U2, Pet Shop Boys, various techno mixes on the radio…etc. Tim played guitar/bass/drums in several bands before finally discovering Goa in 1996.

Around that time is when he discovered computer music production, and he quickly began to make tracks using programs such as Rebirth, Acid and VAZ Modular.
With the help of good friend Shawn and Thump Radio/SF Jirah’s music was introduced to Zoo-B / U.S.T.A. around 2002, and soon after the debut Jirah album ‘Outer Access’ was released.
Since then, Jirah has been blessed with the opportunity to share the stage and work with many of his favorite artists, travel the world and meet so many wonderful beings. Tim doesn’t try to fit his music into any specific style, but rather make music that moves him, in whatever form that may take. Moving into the future, Jirah music will continue to evolve, and he will continue to be grateful to all who are sharing this journey through Time and Space.

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