Hello Planet Dance!

Hello Planet Dance!

Welcome to BABAMUSIC Blog, the official B.A.B.A. Records labelgroup RSS Feed.

BABAMUSIC Blog brings you hot previews, releases, events and more by related EDM artists of  the B.A.B.A. Records labelgroup. Featured Labels: B.A.B.A. Records, MoHouse, BABA Music, BABA Club Music, Global Techno Alliance.

B.A.B.A. Records is an Electronic Dancemusic Agency created by Batusim after 2 decades in the dance music scene. Founded 2009 in the sunny southeast part of Austria, B.A.B.A. Records is offering you freshest productions and rocking performances by international Artists, specialized in electronic dancemusic from known and unknown galaxies.

B.A.B.A. Records releases are available from Beatport and all other well listed onlineshops worldwide.

B.A.B.A. is offering first class artist booking assistance worldwide. The flexible roster of our recommended international deejays and live acts are giving you the opportunity to rock your crowd on day- and nighttime floors for any modern Electronic Dance Music lovers.


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