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[OUT NOW] GTA0027, Invincible Quest – Grains Of Energy EP [GTA Records]

[OUT NOW] GTA0027, Invincible Quest – Grains Of Energy EP [GTA Records]

Artists: Invincible Quest, Stereopsis, Title: Grains Of Energy EP, CatNr.: GTA0027, Genre: Techno, Releasedate: 2014-03-17 Beatport exclusive, worldwide release: 2014-03-31, Label: GTA Records

Invincible Quest goes deep into energetic Techno with his new EP Grains Of Energy , proudly presented by Babamusic´s Global Techno Alliance.
The release includes two original, pure underground hi-class productions plus a rough and kicking remix by Stereopsis.
Tech this Bud!

Experimental and theoretical work on ultrasmall metallic grains, i.e. grains sufficiently small that the conduction electron energy spectrum becomes discrete. The discrete excitation spectrum of an individual grain can be measured by the technique of single-electron tunneling spectroscopy: the spectrum is extracted from the current–voltage characteristics of a single-electron transistor containing the grain as central island. We review experiments studying the influence on the discrete spectrum of superconductivity, nonequilibrium excitations, spin–orbit scattering and ferromagnetism. We also review the theoretical descriptions of these phenomena in ultrasmall grains, which require modifications or extensions of the standard bulk theories to include the effects of level discreteness.

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