# BABAMUSIC – Podcast #27 :: Invincible Quest | BABAMUSIC BABAMUSIC

BABAMUSIC – Podcast #27 :: Invincible Quest

BABAMUSIC – Podcast #27 :: Invincible Quest

Invincible Quest

Published on: 2014-04-07

Invincible Quest delivers his new Techno Set straight from New Delhi/India to Babamusic Podcast. Enjoy 1hr kicking Underground in the Mix.


Invincible Quest – Grains Of Energy (Original Mix)
Invincible Quest – Techno Bud (Original Mix)
MicRoCheep Mollo – Dafuq (Original Mix)
Sian Luigi Madonna – Venus De Milo (Original Mix)
Spektre – Lexicon Lost (Original Mix)
Roberto Capuano – Invaders Are Back (Alan Fitzpatrick Remix)
Acida Corporation – Multicompressor (Gee Van D Remix)
Piatto – You Don’t Understand But You Will (Lorenzo D’ Ianni Rmx)
Acida Corporation – Multicompressor (Original Mix)
Dataminions – Glod (Original Mix)
Noisedock – Lustful Times (Pascal Nuzzo Remix)

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