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BABAMUSIC – Podcast #03 :: Invincible Quest

BABAMUSIC – Podcast #03 :: Invincible Quest

Invincible Quest

Published on: 2013-03-12

Aditya Bhatia is the musical turbulence behind the indian uplifting, minimal, electronic, techno project Invincible Quest, bringing his New Ways Album [GTA Records] to BABAMUSIC Podcast. Enjoy 1hr Top Notch Techno in the Mix.


01.Invincible Quest_-_A Dubby Thing (Original Mix)
02. Invincible Quest_-_Yet To Come (Original Mix)
04. Invincible Quest_-_Theremin (Original Mix)
05. Invincible Quest_-_Massive Syndrom (Original Mix)
06. Invincible Quest_-_Dark Heart (Original Mix)
07. Invincible Quest_-_The Return (Original Mix)
08. Invincible Quest_-_Stigmata Uncut (Original Mix)
09. Invincible Quest_-_Mood Swinger (Original Mix)

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