Batusim has started in 1997 as a cultural project with the aim to produce and promote Global Electronic Dance Music and Artists. The idea was founded by Franz J. Bogendorfer a.k.a. Dj Anza during 1990s in Burgenland, the sunny southeast part of Austria. Together with Betty B303, Batusim formed beside the legendary CLUB X-CHAT Oberwart, musical production projects like IMIX, FRANZ JOHANN and COHUNA BEATZ also the EDM labelgroup and artist agency B.A.B.A. Records 

Since September 2017 Batusim is registered as an association for culture: BATUSIM e.V. ZVR-Zahl: 1575958404

Welcome you lovely people to Betty´s Backpackers

Batusim.com proudly presents Betty´s Backpackers, a private host and party location for music travelers, located at former CLUB X-CHAT on the sunny southeast side of Austria, in Oberwart City (Burgenland) with private rooms for rent, huge garden, underground electronic music in & outdoor, exclusive hosted by DJ Anza (aka IMIX/FRANZ JOHANN) from Batusim Music Academy


More than three decades experience in the Industry of Underground Club- & Festivalmusic

Digital Music Production Studio – Radio BroadcastingPodcasts – Consulting & Coaching for Production and Deejaying – Recordings – Digital Mastering – Digital Music Distrbution –  Media Design – Web Editing – PR – Communication

Batusim Music Academy is located in the beautiful green gardens at former Club X-CHAT Oberwart, Austria – including a funky “nightclubby” entertainment space.

For Studio Bookings and Music Production Classes or Consulting send your message with your needs via the Contact form below.

Renting Private Rooms for Studio clients is possible.

Beside above mentioned projects, BATUSIM is rocking clubs, parties and festivals since 1980s in and around Vienna as Dj and EDM live-Act, known as one of the premiere  electronic dancemusic engineers hailing from the central European hotbed for underground dance – Austria. BATUSIM started producing electronic dancemusic in 2002 and released plenty of psychedelic trancemusic since then on world´s leading recordlabels under the alias IMIX.
In 2008 BATUSIM starts to produce various underground dance music styles, like techno, house, tech-house, progressive house under the projectnames FRANZ JOHANN & COHUNA BEATZ

BATUSIM also is founder and CEO of B.A.B.A. Records, supporting and promoting BABAMUSIC labelgroup.

For Booking requests visit BABA >> Batusim Artists Booking Agency


Download PRESSKIT from IMIX

Batusim is releasing Hi-Class Progressive & Deep Techno, Funky Tech-House, Fullon Morning- Psytrance since 2004 under various projectnames.

Beside ghost writing, audio editing, coaching musical production and deejaying, Batusim is offering marketing and promotional support, social media- and webservices for artists, labels and organisations worldwide, eventmanagement, PA System renting, Digital & Analog Recordings.

If you need support for your project, let us know your aims by sending a message via the Contact form below.

Engineering & Performing: Music Production, Digital Mastering, Djing, Digital Music DistributionMedia Design, Layout, Web 2.0, CMS, Worldwide Artist Booking Assistance :: B.A.B.A. Bookings

Coaching & Consulting: Music Production, Audio Editing, Djing, Media Design, E-Mail Promotional Campaigns,  Social Media Support, Web Editing

Software we use: Steinberg Cubase, WaveLab, Logic 9, Ableton Live, Waves, Lennard Sylenth1, NI Reaktor, NI Razor, NI Massive, ReFx Nexus, FM8, Trilogy, NI Traktor PRO and much more.

Hardware Gear: Roland 303, Roland FA66, Dynaudio BM6 Studio Monitors, Altec PA System, FBT Lightforce PA Speakers, 2×18″ 600W Subwoofer, 2x300W & 1x600W BST PA Amplifiers, Ecler SmackPro DJ Mixer, Technics SL1200MK2 Turntables, Pioneer CDJ and much more cool stuff like Studiomusician hiring (incl. i.e.: Fender Guitars, Warwick Bass, DrumSet, …) just for you Musiclovers.


Contact Person: Ing. Franz J. Bogendorfer

Batusim Music Academy
Steinamangerer Straße 145
7400 Oberwart, Austria – EU
Mobile +436604240707

Listen latest Batusim Music Academy Digital Mastering of Productions, Live & DJ-Mixes >> CLICK HERE

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