Demo Submission

Demo Submission

Thanks for considering BABAMUSIC labelgroup! You are always welcome to send your original productions for label consideration.

We love receiving demos in our in-box but as you may understand, that the amount we receive each week make it impossible to reply to everyone of you.

DEMO Submission:
Upload your Demo to any legal server (soundcloud and wetransfer are preferred) and use the form below to submit a DOWNLOAD LINK from your Demomusic, send only full & final versions! Allow up to three weeks EXCLUSIVE access for us to check your Music.

Or send your Demo via DROPBOX to: demo (at) babarecords (dot) org

Soundcloud is making our lives much easier these days and that is why we urge everyone to use our Soundcloud Dropbox:



Please make sure you own the copyright to your production. Your production also has to be free of unauthorized samples and/or vocals. We only accept originals. Remixes, bootlegs, mash-ups will not be taken into consideration and instantly deleted.

Deliver your track with proper file naming: [Artist Name] – [Title] and do not forget to leave your email address and web/social contacts.

We do listen to every demo and we will definitely be in touch, if we feel it suits to Babamusic labelgroup. 



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